Scripture Writing Mini Kit #1- Parents & Children, Love, and Obedience
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Scripture Writing Mini Kit #1- Parents & Children, Love, and Obedience

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The Words on My Heart Scripture Writing Mini Kit gives you everything you need to get started scripture writing today.

The kit includes:

3 different themed Scripture Writing plans

Scripture Writing Study Builder

Study Journal Page

The kit is 8 pages in total.

Use this kit to spend time in scripture every day. If all you want to do is write out the scriptures, print the study journal page and use it to do the writing. 

If you want to make notes about how you might apply the scripture to your own life, use the Scripture Writing Study Builder to write out the passage and then to answer questions about how you might use the information shared in the scriptures in your day to day life.

The study is easily done with any age group. Those who cannot yet write, can listen as the scriptures are read to them. Choose only one or two verses out of a passage for young writers. Teens and Young adults can study along with older adults. The scriptures are great for conversation starters and can be used for deeper study as well. It is your study to arrange as you see fit.

Print as many copies of each page as you need for your own use. Permission to copy for your immediate family only. No other copying is permitted.